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Some Great Links

My Other Homepages
Strong Convictions.....My Christian Homepage with reviews, devotions, my testimony, etc.
Frank Whaley's Unofficial Homepage.....Another very underrated and talented actor.

More Jonathan Crombie Sites
Jonathan Crombie's Unofficial Homepage.....The first Jonathan Crombie site I ever came across!
Homage to Jonathan Crombie and Gilbert Blythe
Jonathan Crombie aka Gilbert Blythe
A Gilbert Page
Green Gables Webpage: Jonathan Crombie.....Part of a wonderful "Anne of Green Gables" site.
The Official Stratford Festival Site.....Jonathan does a lot of shows for them.
A Jonathan Message Board.....Part of "A Homage to Jonathan & Gilbert".
Shirley's Jonathan Crombie's Place

Other "Anne" Sites
Mike Yan's Unofficial Megan Follows Homepage
The Best Megan Follows Information on the Net
The Unofficial Schuyler Grant Website
A Schulyer Grant Message Board
Another Unofficial Schuyler Grant Website
Nancy's Anne Page
Akin to Anne
Elisabet's Anne of Green Gables page
I'm so emotional, you're so beautiful
The Unofficial Anne of Green Gables Site
The Homepage of Anne of Green Gables
Welcome to Ingleside
Anne's Abode
The World of Anne (Cordelia) Shirley
Amy's Anne of Green Gables Page
Avonlea Role Playing Game
Prince Edward Island: Green Fables Information

My Favorite Christian Sites
DC Talk's Official Site
CCM Discussion Boards.....Includes discussion boards for dc talk, the W'S, Michael W. Smith, Petra, Point of Grace, 4 Him, The Supertones, the Newsboys, and loads more!
E.R.A.C.E......Stands for "Erasing Rasicism and Creating Equality." Founded by dc Talk.
True Love Waits
Christians In Theater Arts
Dramatix.....a community effort sharing theatrical works written by Christians around the world.
Other Christian Theater Links

Figure Skating Links
Figure Skaters 4 Christ
Elvis Stojko Unoffical Homepage.....The best and most complete Elvis site on the net!
Unofficial Todd Eldredge Homepage
Skate Web.....Has a HUGE list of fan sites, pictures, resources, and more!

Performers I Admire
Jimmy Stewart Museum Site
Bernadette Peters Unofficial Site
Unofficial Kate Winslet Fan Club (free)
Lord of the Dance Official Site
Tap Dogs