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News & Updates

Here is where you can find both news about Jonathan and updates for this site. It's hard to find news about him since there isn't much online and I don't live in Canada, so don't be surprised if you mostly see updates for this site on here. If anyone has any news, email it to me at: Thanks and Take Care!

6/26/99 Today, as I put the finishing touches on my site, I am about to write Jonathan a letter. I'll let you know if I hear anything from him. If any of you have ever gotten a response from him, let me know by either emailing me or telling me about it in my guestbook. Also, if you have ever seen him live on stage, please write a review and send it to me. Include the name of the show and the date (if you can remember it). I want to post some reviews of his plays on my site. Thanks!