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Here are some wonderful quotes from Jon's movies. So far I only have quotes from "Anne of Green Gables" and "Anne of Avonlea," but I hope to have some from his other movies ASAP. Our local video store has "Cafe Romeo," but none of the other films that he's done. I may have to resort to buying them. They have a couple at for very decent prices (in other words, very cheap)!!!!! Anyway, please enjoy the quotes that I have so far................

Anne of Green Gables

"If you'd tell me what I imagine about myself, you'd find it a lot more interesting." Anne Shirley

"My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes now." Anne Shirley

"Perhaps now this new family of yours will shatter this dream world that you live in." Mrs. Cadbury, at the orphanage

"You know I pride myself on speaking my mind." Mrs. Rachel Lynde

"I've never really belonged to anyone before." Anne Shirley

"To despair is to turn your back on God." Marilla Cuthbert

"That girl is next door to a perfect heathen." Marilla Cuthbert

"Good behavior in the first place is more important that theatrical apologies afterwards." Marilla Cuthbert

"The praying that counts is the praying that's sincere…..God does not want you for a fair weather friend." Marilla Cuthbert

"It would be such a romantic experience to nearly drown." Anne Shirley

"I thought nothing could be as bad as red hair…..but green is ten times worse." Anne Shirley

"Tomorrow is always fresh.....there are no mistakes in it." Miss Stacey

"Ruby Gillis says that when she grows up she wants to have a line of beaus on a string and make them crazy for her. I'd rather have one in his rightful mind." Anne Shirley

"They're ridiculous. You'll have to turn sideways to get through the doors." Marilla Cuthbert

"True friends are always together in spirit." Miss Stacey

"Life's to short to hold grudges." Gilbert Blythe

"I am happy Diana, and nothing's gonna gold me back." Anne Shirley

"HE knew we needed her." Marilla Cuthbert

"I never wanted a boy. I only wanted you from the first day." Matthew Cuthbert

"Don't ever change Anne. I love my little girl. I'm proud of her." Matthew Cuthbert

Anne of Avonlea

"Cheaters never prosper." Gilbert Blythe

"You red headed snippet." Mrs. Rachel Lynde

"I won't cherish any hard feelings against you because of your narrow minded opinions." Anne Shirley

"I always told you that she had a temper to match her hair." Mrs. Rachel Lynde

"You have been my comfort and my joy." Marilla Cuthbert

"You will have more sense someday, I hope." Marilla Cuthbert

"God knows best." Marilla Cuthbert

"I used to think you were possessed." Marilla Cuthbert

"You're never safe from surprise until you're dead." Mrs. Rachel Lynde

"It's the over opinionated who end up unhappy and meaner then second skimmings." Marilla Cuthbert

"I've always loved you." Gilbert Blythe

"I have decided on a career over marriage." Anne Shirley

"I am happy as I am…..I won't ever marry." Anne Shirley

"I hope he breaks your heart. Maybe then you'll come to your senses." Gilbert Blythe

"I wouldn't trade you for a dozen boys." Marilla Cuthbert

"If you want to win a game, you have to understand the players." Miss Stacey

"If I died tomorrow, not one living soul would miss me." Miss Brooke

"I will not be poisoned by your bitterness." Anne Shirley

"Hate has gotten to be a disease with me." Miss Brooke

"I only wanted to be your friend." Anne Shirley

"I decided I wouldn't let it beat me." Gilbert Blythe

"I read your book. It's a fine piece of work." Gilbert Blythe

"I don't want sunbursts or marble halls. I only want you." Anne Shirley